Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our "Gay Lifestyle"

Tom and I spent last evening at the home of our friends, Brian & Andrew. We always have a nice time at their parties and last night was no exception. Towards the end of the evening Tom and I were were gathered in the kitchen with two other gay couple friends who have been together a long time. Let it be noted that all six of us are solid Republicans!

Anyway, somehow we got to chattting about which partner does various household chores and things like that. One of our friends then said something that got me thinking. I know, I know that is dangerous! Anyway, he said something like this: "it's funny listening to each other talk about our partners, our different personalities, and the roles each partner plays in the relationship. There really aren't any set rules for gay couples so we all just kind of go with what works best."

There is some truth to that but what got me thinking was actually how similar our lives seemed to be. More importantly, our lives all seem to bear little resemblance to this "gay lifestyle" that we hear so much about. Not that I needed any reassurance, but it confirmed for me once again that Tom and I aren't the only gay couple in America whose "gay lifestyle" looks an awful lot like our parents' lifestyles and that of our straight relatives and friends.

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