Friday, September 5, 2008

Strong Women

For the past several years, liberals have falsely claimed that the real reason why men don't like Hillary Clinton is that we are intimidated by a strong woman. This of course is nonsense.

As I have stated repeatedly, most men have no general problem with strong women. We just have problems with this particular women, Hillary Clinton. It's Hillary's lack of ethics and her socialist tendencies that we deplore. We would feel the exact same about her if she were a man.

Furthermore, one of my favorite world leaders was Margaret Thatcher. Was not "Iron Lady" Thatcher the epitome of a strong woman?

Now along comes Sarah Palin. Who can deny that she too is one strong woman? Yet, surprise, surprise! I, along with millions of other men, have total respect and admiration for Gov. Palin.

So much for being afraid of a strong woman!

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