Friday, June 26, 2009

The RINO's Must Go!

To the eight RINO's who joined with the Dems to support the DISASTROUS job-killing, economy-destroying energy TAX today: You will pay for this at the polls! I hope like heck the party runs someone against you in the '10 GOP primaries. We know who you are and I for one will be sending in my $ to your primary opponents.

Nobody who cares about the future of this country could vote in favor of this monstrosity! We expect reckless votes from Dems but there is no excuse for a Republican to join in this madness! Good riddance RINO's - time for you to go!

Kudos to the 44 Dems who did the right thing today and defied Obama, Pelosi & Gore! It shows there are still a few Dems out there who aren't left - wings loonies. Albeit very few.

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