Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thanks, but no thanks

Ashley Herzog's column today provides yet another example of the disastrous and often fatal consequences of allowing liberals too much authority. To read it go to:
I was just recalling this very example with friends over the past weekend, so her column was very timely for me.

Liberals never seem to care about the potential harm that may result from their "do-gooder" schemes. Once they've made up their collective minds that something is good (or bad) for us libs shut off all debate and force their "prescription" down our throats. Pity anyone who dares to question them, as most liberals have absolutely no tolerance for opposing views - despite their claims to the contrary.

Nor do liberals take accountability for their failures. If liberals acknowledge their failures at all, which is quite rare, they do so only to shift the blame. You see it's never their fault things didn't work out as they had planned. Their failure is usually the result of mean and uncompassionate Republicans sabotaging their noble efforts.

A classic example is the explosion in the poverty rate after LBJ's "War on Poverty." How often have you heard liberals admit that LBJ's programs did far more harm than good? How often do they admit that government "assistance" programs often trap people in poverty? Rather than acknowledging the obvious and learning from their mistakes, liberals continue to call for more government handouts.

Liberals wonder why more people don't trust them when they offer assistance. Do they not realize that many of us have longer memories than they give us credit for? They must think we've forgotten all about the victims of their DDT ban, the lives destroyed by their "War on Poverty" and the many other times their "help" has ended up hurting people. That is all the reason we need to say "No thanks"!

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Vote for Hillary.