Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Political Spin

Bill Clinton said he was going to run the most ethical administration ever. Then President Clinton, after committing perjury and obstructing justice, became only the second president to ever be impeached.

Barack Obama claims he is a uniter. It has now become painfully clear to all but those on the far left that Mr. Obama is in fact a very divisive politician.

It seems anytime a politician has a glaring weakness (e.g. Clinton's lack of ethics, Obama's divisiveness, etc.) the way he deals with it is to continually claim the opposite virtue. By repeating the falsehood often enough he is able to deceive many people into thinking he is who he claims to be...which is the opposite of who he really is.

The sad reality is that the spin often works. As difficult as it is to believe, there are actually Americans who - despite the HUGE mountain of evidence to the contrary - to this day still think Bill Clinton is an ethical person. Go figure.

So what will Obama do now and how will people react? No doubt he will continue to claim he is a uniter and a fair percentage of Americans will believe him. After all, if he says he is a uniter he must be, right?

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