Sunday, June 22, 2008

Texas GOP Convention - Day Three (6/14/08)

CD Caucus meetings reconvened at 8am. Many thanks to District 32 U.S. Rep Pete Sessions & his staff for providing us with coffee and breakfast tacos! The business of today's caucus was electing:

2 Delegates to the Republican National Convention
2 Alternates
1 Presidential Elector
RNC National Committeeman
RNC National Committeewoman

The surprise (a pleasant one) was that in the vote for RNC National Committeewoman, Bora Van Dormolen edged Cathie Adams 66-64. Although Ms. Adams would go on to win the state-wide election later in the day, it is telling that we (her home district) voted against her. It's just too bad that the rest of the state doesn't yet know how divisive Ms. Adams is. Unfortunately Ms. Adams promised that if elected she'd work to shape the National Republican platform after the Texas one. That's a scary thought!

The caucus meetings adjourned at about noon, which gave me just enough time to rush over to the hotel and (barely) meet their strict 12:30pm check out time. Because I was anxious to get home, I skipped the afternoon General Session and hit the road to Big D.

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