Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama, Typical Politician - only worse!

Barak Obama is looking more and more like the typical politician in that "Mr. Change You Can Believe In" has broken yet another campaign pledge. Obama's latest is his recent decision to forgo public financing.

It should now be obvious that Obama is not who he claims to be. Uniter - get out of here. Above politics - no way. Barak Obama will say or do whatever is necessary to advance his extremist agenda - even going so far as to throw grandma under the bus!

Obama is actually worse than the typical politician. He is by far the most extreme major party candidate in my lifetime. Obama's uber-liberal voting record should speak for itself. However since the media is in the tank for him, Obama's extremism has yet to become much of a campaign issue.

It is also fair to say - based upon the company he keeps - that Obama is one of the most divisive candidates to ever seek the Oval Office. Obama's close company has included two anti-American racist pastors as well as several known terrorists. It's comical that the left thinks that someone like this is going to unite America. Not gonna happen.

The real Obama: 1) breaks promises 2) is an extremist 3) is divisive. Let's pray that between now and November Americans wake up and see this guy for who he really is.

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