Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Poem from my Mother

My mother recently shared a poem that she wrote for me when I was a little boy. I'll always cherish it. With her permission, here it is:

My Little Man

When God gave you to us, my little man, our hearts were full of joy.
We felt so lucky to have such a wonderful baby boy.

First you started to walk, then to talk, and soon before we knew,
our little man was counting to ten, so many things you could do.

For Christmas you got a wooden board with pegs of red and yellow.
You sat patiently filling every hole, such a determined little fellow.

I remember the day you sat on the bed with me as I mended clothes.
You took a button out of my my sewing box and stuck it up your nose.

There are so many memories of you that cause your Daddy & me to smile.
But to list every one of them would certainly take awhile.

Time has a way of flying by so I'll cherish each day that I can.
For no matter how old you grow up to be, you will always be my little man.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh! That's so nice.

Now, boy, fetch me some grub!