Friday, July 4, 2008

The Pelosi Premium

Americans are paying the price for electing Democrats in 2006. Here is what the Pelosi Premium is costing us at the pump:

National Average Gasoline prices*
11/7/06 Election day 2006: $2.19
1/4/07 Nancy Pelosi sworn in as speaker: $2.30
7/4/08 Today: $4.10

*Energy Information Administration estimates

4/18/06. Nancy Pelosi commenting on $70 oil: "...The Republican Rubber Stamp Congress has passed two energy bills, costing taxpayers $12 billion for giveaways to big oil companies. But the Republican bills clearly have done nothing to lower gas prices, as the price of a barrel of oil has settled above $70 a barrel – the highest price in our history. Even the Chairman of the Federal Reserve agrees that gas prices are decreasing the purchasing power of American families and depressing the U.S. economy.

“Democrats have a plan to lower gas prices, taking America in a new direction that works for everyone, not just the few. Our plan would empower the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on price gouging to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices, increase production of alternative fuels, and rescind the billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, tax breaks, and royalty relief given to big oil and gas companies.”

1/4/07. Nancy Pelosi sworn in as speaker - oil at $58.35.

7/4/08. After 1 1/2 years of Nancy Pelosi leading House - oil at $145.29.

The price of gas at the pump & the cost of a barrel of oil have both skyrocketed on Madame Pelosi's watch. The Democrats' lack of a practical energy policy has had disastrous consequences for America. Republicans need to pound this message home every single day between now and November. This is a winning issue for us!

Tired of Paying the Pelosi Premium?

Vote Republican!

Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less. Sign the petition at:


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Now that I am informed, I will tell all my Stonewall friends! Thank you, sir, for your helpful information.

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Good research, Mr. Right in Dallas.

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Now we have a good debate. I am LCR guy from Denver. Come help us during the convention.