Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another busy day! I worked from home again today so that I could get an extra two hours of work in (my commute downtown is one hour each way). Work done, I've now settled in to watch American Idol.

For the next two weeks we'll be having some inside painting done (mainly in the color Golden Biscuit). The painters, a gay couple we know, started this morning. Tim and Rob will be painting the living room, kitchen and den.

Needless to say the front of the house is more or less off-limits right now as everything is in boxes. Fortunately Casey, our housekeeper, came over on Sunday evening and packed everything up for us! Thank goodness for Casey - neither Tom nor I wanted to mess with it! I tried to stay in the study (out of the way) as much as possible today but I did go outside with Rusty a few times to get some fresh air.

Tom has a list of home projects that he has been wanting to get done but I've been resistant until recently. I had a change of heart and have let Tom know that I'm OK with one home project per quarter. The painting will count as a 1Q project (barely). Now we just have to decide what is next on the list for 2Q. Decisions,decisions!

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