Sunday, August 3, 2008

McCain's "Celeb" ad

John McCain's "Celeb" ad is spot on. Obama may be a celebrity but if that is the only qualification to be leader of the free world, we may as well elect Paris Hilton as she would be just as qualified as Obama.

Sadly, one of the worst traits of young people today is their narcissism. McCain can actually benefit from the desperate need that the younger generation has to feel respected. Here's how:

McCain (without saying so) has cleverly exposed Obama's supporters as the mindless groupies that they are...and nobody wants to be thought the fool. It is a fact though that most young Obamaniacs cannot articulate an intelligent response when questioned about why they support Obama for President of the United States.

This ad forces them to do that. As they struggle to come up with an answer, young people may finally start to learn about the real Obama. That will be Obama's undoing. It's just not possible that normal young people will support Obama once they truly get to know him. Of course, Obama will still have the support of the kooky left fringe but thankfully that is a small number of voters.

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