Friday, August 29, 2008

Pics from SF - Thurs 8/28/08

Top pic is at Twin Peaks. Bottom two pics are at the Golden Gate Bridge. More San Fransicso pics on

Well, wouldn't ya know? Tom & I almost always fly either American Airlines or Southwest Airlines, but since it seems like AA is always running late we decided to give another airline a chance. We chose to fly United Airlines to San Francisco. I guess we should have stuck with AA - our United flight was delayed 3 hours on Wednesday night. We finally got into SF at 1am SF time (3am Dallas time).

By the time we arrived at our hotel (the Fairmont on Knob Hill) they didn't have any more rooms available in the tower. The hotel clerk apologized and upgraded us to a super large suite (the Danzig Suite) so everything worked out fine.

Thursday morning we walked down to Union Square for a little shopping/browsing. Of course, Tom felt right at home amongst Neiman Marcus, Saks & Brooks Brothers. Then we spent most of the afternoon on a tourist bus, which took us all over the city. It was fun and informative.

For dinner, we took a taxi to Absinthe, a restaurant that my boss had recommended. It's located in the Civic Center area. The food was superb - and the cocktails were darn good too!

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