Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another 12 hour work day. I was supposed to have an LCR board meeting tonight but unfortunately I had to miss it because I was working late - again! I'm finally relaxing in front of the TV watching the American Idol results show.

The front of the home looks like a tornado blew threw - everything is stacked up in the center of the living room. It looks like Rob is doing a very nice job painting but man, I sure will be glad when he is finished so we can get our home back to normal.

That's it for tonight. I'm going to do a bit of exercise and then ice my arm. Oh yea, I have bad tendinitis in both arms (especially the right one). I went to the doctor a week ago today. Doctor's orders: no upper-body workouts for at least the next two weeks. Pills. Ice arm for 20 minutes every evening.

On a final note: today was April Fools Day. As I was working in the study this evening Tom came running in from outside hollering that there was a dead dog floating in our pool. Fool that I am, I jumped up and followed him outside - only to be told "April's Fools". I admit, Tom did get me!

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