Friday, April 17, 2009

Come and Get Me Janet

Sure signs you are a potentially dangerous right-wing extremist and will be subject to monitoring by Obama's homeland "security" department:

You believe in God and you live your faith.

You believe that "Thou shalt not kill" means exactly what it says.

You believe charity is defined by what you give of yourself - not by how much you demand others to give of themselves.

You believe in American exceptionalism and that the U.S. has been a force for good in the world.

You believe that freedom isn't free and must be constantly safeguarded.

You believe in peace through strength.

You are a veteran and strong supporter of the U.S. military.

You believe liberty is an inalienable right that cannot be conferred or taken away by government.

You don't believe in a "living" Constitution - nor do you believe in judicial activism.

You believe in the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, the right to keep & bear arms and the rest of the Bill Of Rights.

You judge people by the content of their character - not by the color of their skin.

You trust your friends and neighbors more than you trust government.

You believe that capitalism beats all the other "isms".

You believe that we are Taxed Enough Already.

You work and pay your own way in life and expect others to do the same.

You believe in personal responsibility and that rewarding bad behavior just encourages more bad behavior.

You believe it is quite reasonable to question the "science" of global warming.

You believe in protecting our borders.

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